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Blimey this guy sounds so like my ex - its uncanny, if you lived in Kent I would swear this was the same guy.

He also used to spy on me, a neigbour found his car parked in the next road to mine at 3.30 am in the morning, and he wasn't in it! I had my new boyfriend in my house at the time, and I am sure he was probably watching to see if he left.:dizzy:

I can relate to the tears, after I dumped my ex, he was also constantely ringing, to see 'if I was ok', it was none of his business how I was, he seemed to think he was being nice, but he was harrassing me.

Then he came round started crying in the street, saying I have just found out I'm dying! yeah right, then there was the 'lets get married' - and this was when I was at his house collecting some of my stuff! then the threat of sucide etc etc

As I said before, after he damaged my car, and also attacked my boyfriends car, I threated an injunction.

The harrassment stopped finaly, when he met someone else.

Stick to your guns, and change your numbers

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