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I do go to bed with him 3 to 4 nights a week.

I did try to work out something for us "both" instead of just his way or no way... He said he can't sleep unless I am in the bed too & it wakes him when I get into bed late. I said, ok, I will read on the laptop in bed while he sleeps... He said NO, the light will keep him up. He said I can lay in bed with him till he goes to sleep then sneak back up and then back into bed later... I said BUT you just said that it wakes you when I get into bed?????????? Then he said he can't fall asleep unless I am right next to him. So he is just making it up as he goes.

Later after he cooled down (after packing his things, calling me names, etc), he tried the whole, I just miss you when I sleep thing.... Unreal.

My mom caught him spying on me when I was talking on the phone once. He was standing in the hall outside of the door listening in while I talked to my sister. He KNEW I was on with my sister. I also looked into my recent files after he used my computer once and he had been snooping into my diary that I save on my computer and all the things I write, my credit card info (it's not the full info but the file says MY MASTER CARD INFO right on it so why would he open that!?

He was into all my private stuff. I have never cheated on him, nor do I have any inclination to do so -uggg - one is enough as it is- so what gives? I am divorced and once a month my x will send me money and a short note. The note might say something like, "here is the alimony for (what ever date it is) and hope you are well, take care, bye.

My bf had the nerve to say I don't like you talking to him! why does he have to speak to you!? uhhh.... it was a NOTE. Not a love letter. My bf went on to say, you're getting back with him! unreal again! My x husband is now married to the woman he cheated on me with and has a baby on the way. If my x-hubby was the last man on earth I'd probably jump from a building... My bf KNOWS this. Today he has called several times and his actions are nearly back to normal.

The bad thing is he just opened up about some people he just did a job for screwing him over cause he didn't have them sign a contract! unreal again. So for $1500 worth of work he'll be getting $200 which is not even enough to cover the helpers pay that I hired for him. I got a lawyer to make up a nice long contract that covered everything you can imagine for people to sign so he wouldn't get messed over life he did under the old business name but for some reason he can't tell people (other than me) how it has to be and how it is.

Would any of you work $1500 worth of work for only $200 and end up owing your helper another $200? heck no! So, it's like with strange or new people he has no spine even to be professional (which people coming to you for your expertise already know there are rules, contracts, costs, etc...

So all that crap last night turned out to be him taking his bad day and lack of responsibility out on me. I had to call his helper and tell him he wont be working today because these people backed out of their part of the deal which is too much of a loss for us to go on. There is no contract so they don't have to pay us squat but then again... we don't have to do squat because of it too. Can you believe he was planning on just not calling them ever again, not showing up for day 2 of a job he already did 8 hours of free work for them the day before.

They made him add things on (repairs to other areas not in the estimate) and left a message on my cell what other things they were adding on and we're talking some hard core construction here. Anyway, I am also going to have to call these people and work this out now because he just went to their house picked up his things and took off. joy!

I'm sorry if this offends any of you but I am dating a baby! He needs a tit at night, he needs his butt wiped and his messes cleaned up. This is not my company and I am getting nothing for all this help. I fully did over his company image, got him liscensed (which he was not before) helped him fill out old taxes and work out installments where he didn't pay uncle sam for 2 years, I did all the advertising, etc...

He has more work than he can handle right now and it's just been 2 months since I did this for him...
If I sound like I am bragging here, I think I have earned a little bragging rights.. I did damn good and no one has thanked me (or paid me)!
He will need more crews to cover more sites but I guess I will have to do that too along with letting him invade every inch of my life.

There are some people here who don't agree with me. That's okay with me. People are different and have different ways. I wouldn't want to get up and 6 - 7 am, some of you might. I can't be the only person who hates mornings and I did work things out for myself so that I do not have to get up until I want to.

What ever I can do at 8, 9AM, I can do at noon. I live in the south, there's no traffic, everything I need is less than 3 miles away. I'm not a spoiled brat nor am I rich... I'm probably poor to some of your standards but I am well of to my own standards. I'm comfortable and that's all I want. I don't aspire to be Bill Gates or anyone else.

I like things relaxing, at my own pace because I'm not built for speed, stress and too much drama. I took on way more family needs than I could handle a while back and the stress nearly sent me into a total break down. I worked hard to make my life more easy and relaxed for myself and I'd like to keep it that way. There has got to be a man in this world who can appreciate me for me and not try and control me or mold me into their "ideal" or take advantage of my weaknesses such as fear of being along and getting ill. I guess we'll see how all of this turns out. I'm telling him tonight if he wants to continue to live here and be in a relationship with me, he has to go to anger management and possibly a seminar or 2 about running your own business... I'll settle for just anger management and progress in the way he handles things.

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