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Re: Big problem
May 25, 2007
[QUOTE=Laylah;3004684]Well, if she [I]sees[/I] nothing wrong then, from her persepctive, there [I]is[/I] nothing wrong. I really cant say it any plainer than that. My son is thirteen, and four years from now he wont be staying out till midnight or spending the night with females, under my roof or anywhere else. I reckon I'd be even more protective of a girl if I had one, as I'd know it'd be her left holding the baby if things went belly up.

In all honesty Doomcastirons, I get a pretty disrespectful vibe directed towards her father from the content of your posts. I reckon if I've picked up on this there's every liklihood her dad has too! If her dad thought you were close to the type of boy he'd pick for his daughter, maybe he'd give you both a bit more slack. Maybe your problems here have a little more to do with your attitude than you are aware. It might be an idea to spend a bit more time with her in the company of her father and let him see you only want the best for her too. That would be a comfort to any parent and if you can pull that off you might see a shift in his attitude towards your relationship. I agree with Sera when she says that should you force her into a positon where she feels torn in two directions, you will come off the worse. Dont keep harping on at her, it's not a good idea.[/QUOTE]

I understand what you're saying. I don't really go over to her place very often anyways so I guess that would be a good way to start. I'm thinking about it and you are probably right. I barely even speak to her father and I've never had any meaningful conversation with him so I guess if I start talking to him more than he might start liking me more. My girlfriend already tells me that when her brother, who is my age, starts bitching about something immature, her dad brings me up and tells him that I have to pay for my car and everything else and she tells me he likes me and all. Anyways, thanks alot for the reponses it really helped.

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