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Re: Big problem
May 23, 2007
I had this problem. I never really dated till I was 21. I had to be home by midnight every night. If not then I was punished. Yes even though I was over 18. I heard the same thing, "it's my house you live by my rules". I went out but I either had my girlfriend leave the club and bring me home and then she'd go back out. Or I had to take a cab home. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a cab pick you up at a club when everyone that goes to the club has their cars valet parked? Not many people wanted to leave the club after and hour or 2 being there just to bring me home.

Anyway I finally got a job where I worked nights so I had a valid reason to be out after midnight. I paid $200 a month in rent to my parents and bought groceries for the household. I bought my own car and then only then did they think I was mature enough to go out after midnight.

I got my own apartment at 24 moved back home at 27 and moved back out at 30. My parents are great and I love them. They are EXTREMELY old fashioned like Little House on the Prairie. That's just how they are they never smoked drank, never been in a night club and don't see the reason that anyone needs to go to one. They think only trouble happens in places like that.

It's a tough life. As I said I never really had a boyfriend. I had a few crushes but none of them stuck around cause I was ruining their night by making them leave where ever we were for them to bring me home. It got really old and I understood that. I finally met a guy that stuck around He left and always brought me home by midnight and he was a bouncer at one of the clubs. We dated for a year broke up for 4 then got back together moved in with each other and a year later it ended for good. He ended up changing his way of life though. We went places during the day. He had his schedule changed at work so that he went in later so that we could go to a movie and dinner. He'd drop me off and go to the club. It really sucked. I always felt left out. Like I was missing all the fun times with my friends. I lost many friends but I suppose they weren't really true friends to begin with since they left me casue of my curfew.

I can't tell you anything that will make it better. It's your gf parents house and their rules. It really sucks and I feel for you I've been there. Have you tried talking to her parents? That worked one time for me...until I messed it up and came home a bit tipsy. Then I was back to the midnight thing again.

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