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Sorry this is so long!!!!!!!!!!!1

If u know me and have replied to my recent post then you may find it a little easier to understand. But for those of you who dont: Im 19 and my BF is too i had a miscarriage about a month ago. Now im back on track im feeling ok and my BF and i are about to move in together on the 15th of june. I really cant wait. My mother and grandma are helping with alot of things but his family isnt. Not that we asked of anything but they didnt offer or asked if we needed anything. He just told her last week that we were going to move she was angry and said that lately i had been keeping him from his family. I disregarded everything she said and i asked him did he feel i was keeping him from them. He said no and we both agreed it was his choice. His sister told me that all of a sudden he is choosing me over his family. But its not like im a bad influence on him. Before i met him i had goals for my self i wanted to get a car and move out of my moms house by time i was 21. I met him about 3 yrs ago and we hung out and fell in love but at the same time i promised that no one would mess up my plans for me. In March of this year i got my car and a new full time job He got a full time as well. His mother would refuse to pick him up when he got off from work late at night. So i would do it and bring him to my house. HE chose to go there and be with me. Almost our whole relationship both our family and friends said we spent so much time together. But just like the last few weeks it seem that people are complaining. (ON his side that is) but only his mother and his sister. (I've always hated his sister) thats a whole other story. But the way i feel about the situation is This person is who i want to be with and i feel that im going in a good direction and want to be happy. and im happy now. The big question is Am i wrong for saying that im not worried about his mother and his sister? i mean his mom is cool and always bee great to me. but its like she's acting like a jealous ex-gf and i feel like why the hec would i change my great life to make some one else happy? I asked him was he happy the way things was going and he said yeah. we both can't wait to move in together. and start a life. I dont think he chooses me over his family its just that lately by us worrying about so much as far as moving and staying on our jobs he's not forgetting them but i think he's looking at his future as his number one priority. What do u guys think........please help.:confused:

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