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Your boyfriend is a grown man, he needs to face his mother and tell her to ease up. If he is choosing to spend more time with you and not them, that's his choice... and it's probably easier for a mother to blame you than to accpet that her son doesn't need her as much anymore, or that he just has new priorities.

You're right, you can only really care about what's best for you. I think this needs to be dealt with by your boyfriend. He needs to talk to his mom and sister, and explain to them that it's not you "taking him away." He's just at a place where he is growing up and moving forward in his life.

If his mother was like this with another sibling then maybe he can call his brother up and ask for some advice. How is the relationship between his brother and his mother now?

It will be a hard adjustment for the family, especially the mom, more birds leaving the nest! Sounds like sis is just being overdramatic, maybe for the sake of her mother, and she should just be brushed off. Ultimately parents just want what's best for their children, and it is part of her job to worry. Moving in with a girlfriend is a big step.. maybe her worry for him is just coming out wrong.

But I think it would benefit for your boyfriend to talk to her by himself.

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