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Ok.. I definitely think it's safe to assume that her "I'm going to/want to die" comments are way beyond being an emotional female. It's one thing to tear up with hurt and frustration... but saying that she feels empty and wants to die are on total ends of the spectrum.

Maybe she's bipolar. Maybe she really is depressed. Although, I don't really thats the case. I've been depressed myself, I've been so low that I've contemplated suicide.. and it's definitely not something that I shared with people. It was my own private hell! I didn't use it as a defense mechanism during an argument. I've known a girl or two who have said "I'll kill myself if you ever break up with me." Horrible horrible horrible way to guilt/scare someone into staying with you.

I'm sure this whole ordeal is a combination of things, but mainly it just seems that your personalities are clashing. If she really does have some depression and emotional issues, then she needs to seek help.

If you really want to end things with her I think the best way to approach this is by sitting down with her and telling that you're concerned with her suicidal comments, and that you want her to talk to someone about why she feels that way. Tell her that you're willing to support and help her, but only if she starts taking action and starts getting help for herself.

Bottom line- if she's not happy with herself, then she'll never be happy with anyone.

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