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Re: Move in or not?
May 25, 2007
Thanks to all who are responding.

We have been together for 8mnths.
The lady in said annoying picture is his ex girlfriend; he had his children with his ex wife. The girlfriend came after the wife. The picture is of his siblings and significant others. I completely understand the value of that and the memories it may carry...however I totally completely do not understand the displaying of it in his home and at the same time the expectation of me to move into that.

He can't seem to understand why I think we should wait, yet it seems picture clear to me!!! When I explained to him that I didn't like that he had unfinished business he came up with excuses, she was sick and he was sick. And he didn't want to drop off her stuff when her boyfriend was there. Being that I have dealt with ex's I get this to some extent...but it all also tells me he isn't ready. So I don't understand why he is pushing so much for this to happen.

What he has asked me to do is take care of a health issue (minor) organize my finances and be sure I feel comfortable and consider his home my home. Two of three not so bad...but I don't feel comfortable or secure when I think of moving in with him.

So I guess I am not going to...he think I am afraid of commitment but that isn't it. Am I being reasonable?

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