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Re: Is he jealous?
May 27, 2007
I'd never date my ex bf's best friend in the first place. That was your first mistake. Once you break up with a guy, it's best to rid yourself of the entire circle of people with whom he is associated in order to make the breakup easier. It's really just way too hard to maintain any kind of peaceful co-existance otherwise.

I don't really know how to help you except that I agree with the other person who said that your current bf should just maintain that friendship with your ex-bf on his own time, and just leave you out of it completely. Don't spend any time with both of them anymore because that's just going to make it all a lot worse. And next time, really majorly reconsider whether it's worth the hassle to date someone in your ex's circle of friends because of exactly what you're going through right now.
Re: Is he jealous?
May 28, 2007
I think it's apparent now that he lied about being "ok" with you dating his best friend. He may have said yes to make it appear as though he was totally over the situation but when it really happened, and he really saw you with the guy, it made him really upset.

Think of it as if it was your best friend dating your ex. I'm sure you wouldn't like that, either. I know that I wouldn't. I mean, I would never date an ex's best friend because I don't need that kind of drama in my life, but if my best friend dated any of my ex's. I'd be totally grossed out.

You have to just accept the fact that this guy (your ex) is not happy about the situation, regardless of what he tells you. Your only option is to not spend any time with him at all. If your bf wants to see him or hang out with him, then don't go along. Let them be friends outside of the context of your relationship. Otherwise you're going to keep having this drama in your life and it's going to be uncomfortable for you all the time.

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