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Is he jealous?
May 25, 2007
pretty much exactly 2 years ago my previous boyfriend broke up with me. we still remained friends as he invited me out for coffee and to go watch him play indoor soccer and stuff. anyway his best friend started to get closer to me. i still very much had feelings for the guy who broke up with me but just hung out as friends with the best friend. after abut 10 months of just hanging out with his best friend as friends, i finally developed feelings for him and we have been together for about a year and everything is still good. he asked his best friend if it was ok to date me and he gave him the green light so nothing happened behind his back and without asking him about it first. anyway earlier on in the year my boyfriend and i got into a fight and we stayed away from each other for about a month. his best friend who is my ex texted me inviting me out to a nightclub but i couldnt make it so the following week we just caught up over lunch, just as friends. everything was polite and nice and no awkwardness. after that he was texting me quite a bit and speaking on messenger. we mainly spoke about soccer because we had a bet going. on one other occasion i was out with him and a friend and he told me that he wanted to kiss me but i didnt. he said sorry if i scared you.
anyway my boyfriend and i got back together and his bestfriend(my ex) has totally changed his attitude towards me. like on saturday night, we were all out in a bar watching the FA cup soccer final on the big screen and i went to get my boyfriend a drink and the ex gives me money to get him one too. when i came back i totally forgot to give him his change back and hes like hey wheres my change and im like sorry i just forgot and hes like ur such a tight arse. my boyfriend said he was joking but i dont know. he also didnt say goodbye to me when we all left.
another thing is, on messenger he changed his nickname to this other girl but will take it off the screen the next day. it would say that lisa is a beautiful person and sexy as. the other time it said that she put a smile on his face whenever she was on messenger. is this to make me jealous? i have never seen this girl or heard anything about her when we are all out together.
my ex told me earlier on the year that he had strong feelings for me but they just died away. he said he was upset that i didnt confront him about getting with his best friend. he said my best friend did but you didnt. i didnt think i had to seen as he broke up with me so y would he care who i got with? do u think that hes jealous that im with his best friend? i have been with his best friend for a year tho. i asked him y he wanted to kiss me after all this time but he denied it and said he must of been drunk. lol what do u think?
Re: Is he jealous?
May 25, 2007
[QUOTE=WakeUpDead;3006036]OK, are you sure that you are over the EX to begin with?

If he likes you, the EX that is, would that change anything? If so then you still have feelings for him and should rethink what your doing. If not, then who cares, I know its a friend too but if you love your boyfriend wouldnt you distance an ex for him, since it is hurting the relationship?

It was bad timming to go hang with the ex during a fight with your boyfriend and the ex might have been trying to use that situation to get a freebee. (no offence)! This is what women dont understand, men do get huffy over EX's coming into the picture, anyone that says diffrent is full of it! More so if your fighting and you go to an EX for comfort, men know men and the truth is that any situation that you are emotionaly messed up about, they will take advantage of, its horrible but true! Thats why you need to stop the whole ex thing if you really dont have feelings for him!

You will end up loosing a boyfriend if you keep this up, your boyfriend will start getting mad if you dont stop. I know it all is fine now, at least all parties say it is, but 2 years from now I guarentee that if you stay with your boyfriend that the ex will have moved on and wont be the best friend of your boyfriend.

Just my thoughts, Im 36 and have been in this situation before when I was younger! Women please relize that once you date a friend of a boyfriend they will have a falling out and if you are not going to have a long term thing with them, then leave those friends alone! Men will keep friends for life, but once you add a girl/women to the mix, forget it!

Good luck and be honest with feelings.[/QUOTE]

hey, well i dont have strong feelings for the ex but he was my first so i still like him a little bit. i think i always will but he broke up with me. he went off with another girl and it was his best friend who told me. then the ex got with 2 of my friends one night so i dont think going back to him would be the wise idea. he hurt me and i would only be putting myself up for another heartbreak by going back to him. im totally into my current boyfriend. they have been best friends for about 20 years. there are 30 and both met in high school. they talk all the time. i dont hang out with the ex on a one on one basis anymore. that was a once only when my boyfriend and i had a fight. also the ex was the one to make contact with me. the only time i see the ex is when my boyfriend invites me out and im there. so u think that because he wanted to hang out with me during that time was because he wanted a freebe, not because he was jealous or decided that he likes me again. why cant he just be nice to me when im present in a group situation instead of saying ima tightarse. if i dont say hello to him, then he calls me a snob.
Re: Is he jealous?
May 28, 2007
well, in a way i do have some sort of feelings for the ex because he was my first but im not going to go back and start dating him. im not using his best friend either. the best friend chased after me for a while and it took me like 8-10 months to fully warm to him.
before i fully started dating his best friend, he asked me that if it bothered him would i stop being friends with his best friend. so i said well does it bother you and he said no, so i said that this is an irrelevent question. i did say that if it did bother you, just let me know because im not here to start trouble or upset anyone. because of this, i was just wondering if he really is jealous, or if he is uncomfortable about the situation. he did break up with me so i dont see y it should be a problem for him. am i being naive to think that? thats y i dont understand why the minute my boyfriend and i have problems that he starts contact between us but then gets an attitude towards me when my boyfriend and i are back on track.
Re: Is he jealous?
May 29, 2007
im not hanging out with the ex on a one on one basis anymore. if i ever see him, its only in a group situation. if i dont go up and say hello to him, he calls me a snob. i dont know why i need to be the one to initiate the hello. also when i got back with my boyfriend, he tried getting one of my friends a job with him. he didnt hesitate to tell me either. when i asked why he would be doing that, he goes well u never asked me if u could date my best friend. maybe it is just jealousy or hes trying to get revenge. i know it must be an uncomfortable situation for him but he was the one that dumped me. he broke my heart and when he was dating the new girl, and before i got with his best friend, he would get upset if i didnt speak to him or invite him out. i dont know why he would care if he had a girlfriend. then he was worried that i wasnt going to invite him to my 21st. it just seems odd to me. im a bit younger than him so maybe it was just the age that bothered him.

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