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okay I hope no one judges. I've been with my husband for almost four year married for the last 7 months. Over a year ago we had some huge issue's he was using drugs recreational but having a little too much fun. I'm not a nag but when it affects your bank book and your lifestyle it's time to stop. Anyway I kicked himout and said go think about what you want out of life and in a month we will talk and if we want the same things great if we don't then we shouldn't be together. After a month I let him move back in we got engaged 4 months later (keep in mind 3 years together at the time) and married in October. I'm so happy and so in love, I was previousloy married when Iwas 21 way too early and I forgot how to laugh and love and have fun and that is all back in my life now. Problem. Right before I kicked him out I re met my old boyfriend from grade 9. Stupid I know we're talking grade 9 but I swear to god he made my knee's week he looks like Justin Timberlake and is soo sexy but also annoying, possesive & cocky.. I cheated if it matters we were on a break and I didn't know if we would ever be together again. It was all passion and I need you now throw you against the wall...if you know what I mean. Long story short I ended it and married my BF because I Love him. But he has issues with showing affection he does't like to kiss or hold hands and even though I regret (for the rest of my life) what I did all I can think of tonight is that passion and the feeling that somebody wanted me more than anythingl. I love my husband and I want him and no one else but I have to say he's never just "taken me" if you know what I mean. I feel awful, I've never regretted what I did more and given the chance I wouls undo it all but I mean god I've never felt so wanted....can any one relate...I need to know I'm not a horrible person. I know what I did was wrong & I regret it every day..,.,.help

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