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Hi...Im going to make this short..Even though this is more complicated than it sounds..I just really really need input because I struggle with the thought of this every day...To make this long story short..I dated a guy for about six months...At first it was great, but a bit too intense..he said he was falling in love with me withing the first week..Although this probably sucked my heart in more than I realized..It also made me a bit wary...I am bad at intimacy and expressing myself..and he seemed the complete opposite of me..Although it made me come out of my shell a bit and discover new things..Our opposites also caused arguments..I felt constantly pushed to be more affectionate and sexual towards him...I constantly felt tense and pressure to be who he wanted me to be..At the same time...My heart did grow to adore or love him..Im not sure..By the 6th month of us arguing...I decided a lot less pressure would be put on me not living up to his expectations if we were just friends...So basically I chose to break up and us to be just friends and work on taking it slow.....
I was super worried Id get hurt in this situation and expressed it to him...He has been known to easily sleep and be with many woman....I told him since we were friends I had no control over who he was with..I just didnt want to know... is the real question and situation...My jealousy got the best of me..He started hanging out with this girl..And it was more than sex..I felt heart broken..and the more jealousy I expressed, the more he got turned off by me and said I pushed him away..He kept the door open for us to get back together up until I sent him an email saying I could never forgive him for sleeping and being with someone else...Now he is with her exclusively and has been throwing in my face how miserable I made him..and also how unbelievably happy he is with her...I have done nothing but cried... However..This girl is leaving in a month....He will not leave her for me..Because she makes him so much happier than I ever did..AND YET...He wants there to be a chance for us to try again when she leaves in a month...I am SOOOO unbelievably torn about wanting to try again..and feeling like a complete chump second hand women...I made him miserable and he has thrown in my face how happy he is with this girl..How he would not ruin things with her for this month..That right now he could not be with me because it was so bad when we were together..But she is leaving..and if I wanted to gove it another try in a month..hed be up for it....I dont know what to do..I say I have to wait to see how I feel...That I struggle with the fact he is with someone else every day....But then think of how I wanted to be JUST FRIENDS...I hurt him and now he is hurt..But he has rubbed so hard in my face how much happier he is with her..The fun they have..The bonds they share..If we ever tried again..Id feel like i was competing with her...Should I even consider trying again..I dont want to walk away because of my pride...But I dont want to be a chump and fall for someone who might be stringing me along, saying he wants to be with me some other time...When he cant be with the girl he supposedly is so happy with..He said he would be with me if he wasnt so terrified of me..That I never understood how to make him happy the way she does..That he would wan to try with me if I could work harder on the relationship...I dont want to be an idiot..I dont want to try with someone who might be getting an ego trip out of dating someone else for a month and then having me go back to him..and yet...Doesnt he kinda have the right to spend this time with this girl who will be leaving in a month..I know she probably gives him more love than I ever did, but I have never been in love to be so affectionate and lovey all the time.... I dont know!...please some advice???

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