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[QUOTE=1965_Bruce;3009148]Well, as a guy I don't lie about too many things - luckily I dont have any ex-'s or kids to cover up, but I'd consider not telling my true age if I met a younger woman. At least at first. The main problem I run into is almost all younger women don't want to mess with a 40 guy and I'm not really into chasing a 50-year old woman (I've actually had online contacts from women of that age).

I wonder, is lying only about age really a big "date breaker" for women?[/QUOTE]

it all depends really. when i was 19, i met a guy off the net. he said he was 24 years old. his best friend was 25. i dated the 24 year old but 7 months later he broke up with me. about 10 months after the break out i started dating his best friend. by this stage the guys were 26 and 27 and i was 20 going on 21. towards the end of last year, i was at my boyfriends house having lunch with him and his mother and we were joking around. i said to my boyfriend. 3 years till ur 30th. are u going to have a big party. i didnt notice but apparently his mother gave him a weird look. a few weeks later, we were out on the town and after a few drinks, he told me there was something he needed to tell me. he sounded quite serious. all of a sudden he said im not 27, im really 31. i said what about your best friend? he said 29, not 26. i was a little shocked at first and asked to see his drivers licence. sure enough he was 31 years old. his best friend just had his 30th birthday and i went along and celebrated with him. it was a little weird because to me he was really turning 27. i asked why they lied and it was because they really liked me and was worried that id run away if i knew their realy ages. his mother told him to tell me the truth or she will. i guess she was a bit dissapointed in him. anyway, i got over it and we have been happy ever since. i know that there isnt any more lies because i go over to his mothers place quite a bit. i had christmas dinner with them last year and had easter too and i spent mothers day at his mothers place with him because my own mother passed away 2 years ago. if there was some serious lie going on, i dont think i would be involved with his family so much. it all depends on the way u feel tho.

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