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I would like to ask a few questions. You said you have a baby and that you have no desire for sex because you think it is dirty now. How old is your baby? Why do you think it is dirty? Do you just feel that you dont want to work at the sex issue and when he wants to have sex you just say eh no thanks? If you do then of course he is upset and doesnt want any more kids. Look at what happen when the first came....His wife doesnt want him anymore and is using this as an excuse not to have sex. (this is what is going through his mind) I have 4 kids and have been there and thought all of this although I never thought it was dirty, not sure why you would think that except that this is a brand new baby and you are in need of sleep and not thinking right.

You need to go to the dr. asap and get a thyroid test done asap. Do not delay. Many women experiance changes after a baby usually about 10weeks to 6months afterward. Its an inbalance in the thyroid and it can be fixed. I certainly dont think your husband is bipolar. YOu sound like the one who might be suffering some post partum issues that you dont think you might have. I know i have and once i admittied that it might be that i felt better talking to my dh and it was done and over with.

The overwhelming feeling of having a baby would make any man say no more kids in my book. Just because he says it doesnt mean he means it. He does right now because look at what you are going through, he doesnt want that to continue so therefore not having anymore kids would help in him mind. You shouldnt even be thinking of having another child until you sort through this one first, sort your feelings and your goals. You dont even want sex so why be angry with him when he says no more kids when you wont even have sex with him or you think its dirty or you go through sex if you do happen to have it like it is a chore. I have been there and you need to tell him how you feel and get to the dr. and get a checkup. DO NOT let a dr. tell you not to worry, absolutely have your thyroid checked out.

Good luck dear. hugs to you and your dh. It is hard i will be honest. It wont get better if you have more kids and not know what it wrong. Help your marriage by checking out your health and then checking on how you are with the baby. Is hte baby still up at night, is the baby 10 months old and yet you feel that you can not be away and get upset that you cant do anything yet all you have to do is put baby in the playpen. If baby is always wanting you you have to understand that baby will be fine if you put him/her down and let him/her cry for a few while you go do something. Once they realize you wont jump at everything for them they learn how to do for themselves, like pick up a toy and play or giggle to themselves. This is a training phase in their lives and we are here to teach them. Good luck and try to do something good for yourself like a hot bath maybe. ;)

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