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I would definitely cut off contact with him/ tell him not to contact you any more. Being in contact impedes your ability to move on and once again find happiness with someone who deserves you.. mourning this relationship unfortunately is inevitable.
I know I should cut off contact with him until I am over it and have someone else....And see if I want to be friends with him then..I just have a hard time meeting people..I dont know if I am picky or closed off, and shy...I feel like I should have embraced this last relationship, instead I pushed it awya every chance I had....He sounds so happy and good when emails me, saying he forgives me and it is all water under the bridge and that he hopes we can be friends, and it just makes me more sad.....I just emailed him that it was too hard for me right now to maintain contact, and that maybe when I meet someone who makes me as happy as this girl makes him we can be friends...He hasnt responded....

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