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Dunz, I wont go over what people have already gone over. I think you get the hint. I will only say this....I am a mother of 4(two of which are girls), what would you tell your daughter to do if she were in your shoes? Following your heart is a great thing to do but your heart in this situation is being ping pong balled by a guy who is very good at manipulation. You have no clue what he says to the other girl or how many other girls there really are. I do hope you used protection because just because he was "clean" doesnt mean she didnt give him something like HPV and now you have it. Might not know you have it now or it might not show up right away, maybe years from now after you have had made a family with a great man and then find out you gave it to him too and he might think you cheated on him. HPV can be dormant for years and men dont show signs at all. Protect yourself and respect yourself. you are sleeping with her and her partners as well if you have sex unprotected. Be careful and walk away while you can and start having respect and dignity for yourself. No one is perfect, if he doesnt like the way you are then find someone who likes you for who you are without havingt to change.


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