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Splitting up
Jun 7, 2007

I would really appreciate some advive if possible.

My name is Hayley, 22 years old with 2 small children 1 is 2 the other just 5 and half weeks and have been with my partner James for 4 years just about now.

We have been having terrible problems and arguments that have made me feel so depressed, confused, and hurt and alone because I don't have any of my family around me to support me with it only by phone and sometimes I feel I could do with them near.

My partner has an arragance problem, and anger he seems to just lash out at me verbally when he gets stressed up and can be very hurtful my problem is that this has been going on since i met him but despite his thousands of pledges to not do it again he does - most of the time when i ask to sit down and chat he responds that i am boring and uninteresting and looks like he couldn't care less shortly followed by him walking out on me while im trying to tell him how i feel.

some examples are:- i felt nervous about talking on the phone and had to think of what I was going to say beforehand speaking to this other person and he deliberately set the phone ringing and passed me phone tp pressure me inot doing it I just said to him that I couldnt at the moment speak to this person on other end and he shouted "******ing slag!

I was in labour and he didn't fully believe me and went to bed had a go at me for going up and down the stairs said that he needs his sleep because it was nightime I was in agony and he never once asked me how I was anything glad my mum was there it was only when my waters broke he believed me then

I was looking at house prices and I admit it was annoying and unfair to do but put his mobile number down for them to contact us but I didn't think they would anyway they did and he got arragant with them saying that is was his girlfriend then swore at me in front of our friends and walked off and left me and my daughter while I was pregnant I felt embarrasssed and he wouldnt talk about it saying that I live in the past but he never sorts anything out to put and keep in the past so its ongoing I feel hurt and low with it all.

just recently I told him that I want to leave he just keeps saying if I am then P off and I am trapped in the middle of whether to go or to stay other than his arragance he has been alright helps around house, great dad, just these bouts of anger and that he is 35 and I am 22 that he wont let me grow expects I know and have eperience that he has but I don't we have alot of indifferences that he makes me feel bad for.

Any advice much appreicated

Hayley x

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