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Hi my names gary im 16 and im fron london uk , well my story is i met a girl called shakira when i was 12 and we have been boyfriend and girl frind for about 3 and a half years, it was all good for the first 2 years i didnt relly speak to her kiss or cuddle her alot not really worry were she was what she was doing because my feelings did not relly develop for her but then i reconised how much a part of my life she was. She is everything to me shes the person i think of from when i wake to when i sleep i cant do nothing with out her she my strength shes everything that keeps me going, in my high school she is probley one of the most 10 good looking girls there. when she talks to boys i get angry and i dotn like it and it started i was liek you cant talk to certain boys then i t went to u cant talk to any boys and she did it she would talk to them and she was always with me never with her girl m8s and we did this for 10 mounths, she did hint to me some times that she wanted to go out and stuff but i got angry and upset so she would stop saying them kinda things. Then this year i went on holiday things were rocky we argued alot but still loved each other with all are hearts i was everything to her and she was everything to me a match made in heaven we would rite each other notes and letters about how we wanted to grow old together get married have kids and all that we was in love more then any one could imagine but wile i was on holiday she went out with her m8 to a rollacoaster place and her m8s mum.. and got back at like 10pm so i was like were u been who u been with did u talk to any other boys and all that .. and then i said you aint going out till i come back from holiday and thats when she finally snapped she said fine then if your gona leav me cause i went out then you do it and i DID IT out of pure ignorance and we always used to break up like for an hour or a day after we had a argument and she always came back but this time she didnt she said that she was unhappy for the 10 mounths not with everything but when i was bossy and stuff. I Was SHOCKED i didnt no what to do i rang and rang and rang her every day beggeing her to come bk and she said i want to be with you i love you with all my heart and that will never change but i want you to change and trust me and not get jelous cause theres nothing to get jelous about, she is a innocent girl not one of them that go with any boy she just sees other boys as m8s but my mind plays tricks and it looks like to me shes flirting when she says she nto and i do trust her but i always ahve dout in my mind, so i tried to change but its so hard becuase i havent got her its tearing me apart from inside ripping my heart out ive had anger problems when i was young and i got rid of them thru anger management but its all came back from what happend i cant cope if i see her talking to a boy in school i flip smash windows beat ppl up punch walls go mad, i dotn no what to do i do try to change like dont ask her who she been with and stuff jsut ask her how her day was n **** but its hard cause i do it for like 3 days but then it just gets to much and i flip agen.. ive tried overdosing and killing my self cutting my self and i have a knife right here with me now.. i need help you dotn no how much were in love but i dont no what to do plz plz plz some one help me i love her with all my heart she makes me smile by just looking at me shes everything plz help me! there more i can tell you guys about how i feel and how she feeels and how much in depth are love goes but it might bore u guys so i just chose all the maind things! plz help me or just give pointers ! it Would be great thanks!

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