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You asked the question: How do I get over him when he keeps calling? And the answer is, you can't! Not if you keep talking to him!

Either you want to get over this or you don't. If you keep taking his calls, then you obviously don't want to move on. It also appears from your latest posts that you hope to get back together with him. I can't understand this perspective because after a couple breaks up, there is no point in rehashing the whole relationship over and over again when it didn't work out the first time. Look, you guys are totally incompatible, and it's over. You have to accept that and move on with your life, and the only way that is going to happen is if you stop talking to him 100%!

I've done this both ways, where I have still talked to my ex hoping he'd want to come back (and he never did, in any of those situations), and then I've also done it where, after we broke up, I never contacted him again. And guess what? In the situations where I cut off all contact with the guy, I was able to heal and move on sooooo much faster, that I decided I would never allow myself to keep hanging on to these lame phone calls and checkups from him to see how I'm doing. (And when I say "him" I'm referring to any ex of mine, not just one guy).

It's pointless, what you are doing. It's totally unproductive. If you want this thing to get better and you want to start feeling strong again, then for pete's sake quit talking to this guy! He has made it clear he doesn't want to be with you anymore, take a hint! Him calling you always is more about him making YOU feel bad and him to feel like he has the upper hand, because he's a jerk and a tool and you don't need that kind of guy in your life anymore! Seriously, just get rid of him and change your number. He is your EX now, there is no reason for him to ever talk to you again!!!

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