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i just dont know what to do without her. we were going out for about 4(off and on) months and i have [B]never[/B] loved anyone sooo much. just everything about her is perfect and everything i look for in a girl. our relationship was great at the start than in the middle it started to get bumpy and until the end when we broke up. and when we broke up this was on june 5th and it was SO hard for me to let her go. someone you talk to all the time and love more than anything in the world just leaves your life. it took me about a week to feel better and its not like the only girl i can get cause believe me i have no problems with getting girls its just shes the only one i wanted and the only one i seen no other girls interested me and that has never happened to me. so than after that week i seen her on ******* again and i just fell head over heals again. =/ and i was in love with her again like just seeing her pictures bring back memories and it hurts. than she calls me. and we talk and she [b]asks[/b] me out and since im so in love with her still i go back out with her. the reason we broke up was because i didnt think she loved me. like she never showed it i did so much stuff for her and i just wasnt getting anything back. but after about another new week of going out it was going even better than before.. or so i thought. than just this last night i call her at about 8pm and she drunk as heck and shes with her girl friend and 2 guys. so im like ''ehh yeah im going to come and get you'' and shes like ok because she was just wasted. and i didnt want anything bad to happen to her so i go to pick her up and i show up after an hour at the place and shes not i stay in her town waiting for her to call me back so she does at like 5am after waiting for 8 hrs. and shes like "i got a ride from tom already" and she was still drunk. so i go to her house and shes acting all weird and not normal at all like she doesnt want me to be here. after she calls me to come get her the night b4 and makes me wait for her all night. [she lives an 1hr and a half away.]than shes like i have a soccer game and my parents will be waking up any second so i have to go back in my house. so she kisses me and leaves. and i end up going home and sleeping till about 10pm and i go on ******* and i look on her page and it says single. so im like all confused and what not. so i call her up and shes like "hi." and im like "soo whats going on are we going out or not?" and she says "idk" soo i ask her what was going on with her last night and she said. richard i need to tell you something. and im like ok. than she said i told my ex-boyfriend i love him lasst night when i was drunk. and i said soooo. you dont really love him do you? and she responds idk. than we talk about nonsense for a little bit. so than i ask her why she didnt want to be with me and she said """i just dont feel it anymore""". =//=/=/=/ and i dont undeerstand that! after this night she gets drunk she doesnt feel it anymore. and she was telling people when she was drunk. "where's richard, i miss decker."[and she called him when she was drunk and told him she still loved him and he just hung up on her because he doesnt like her at all.] so im like well is that your decision than because im [b]not[/b] going to take you back again. and she responds what?? why?? i took you back. and i said yeah well im not playing this game anymore. and i let her go. so than later on that night[which is now] i try talking to girls and it just doesnt feel [b]right[/b] and i try to sleep but i keep thinking about her. so i came on here and posted this. =/ so confused.

does anyone understand this? i know its really sloppy. but i just went with it.
im 17 and shes 16.

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