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[QUOTE=Alex1110;3051039]I feel that if, after 3.5 years, she wont celebrate an occassion like this one, that we should not be together. I feel that if she comes, and causes problems over this pathetic crush i had over 5 years ago then we should not be together. I think that if she isnt comfortable enough in the relationship now, then she will never be. I feel that if I have to look like an idiot for her to be happy then I shouldnt be with her.[/QUOTE]

This is exactly what I was going to tell you.

I feel like you have said a lot to try to make her feel comfortable with this scenario. I mean, what else are you suppose to do short of being rude to these girls (which there is really no need for)?

When she brings it up I would keep suggesting that you ask her to talk with her cousin and urge her to bring her cousin along that night. Maybe with another female ally she won't feel so insecure. She is young and when I was that age I was insecure about those things too. It will take some time for her to realize that it really isn't a big deal. Keep telling her that you love her and you will do your best to make her comfortable.

I hope everything works out okay in the end!

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