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Re: Nervous....
Jun 18, 2007
I would be very very nervous as well if I were you. Personally, I don't really believe a leapard really ever changes his spots so I would never date a man with a history like your boyfriend's, for this very reason. I think your boyfriend had to know that you were on edge with this guy coming to visit and I think it was rather inconsiderate of him not to call you back. I mean, let's face it, anything could be going on. He's proved himself to be the kind of person who is a player and who is less than honest. Is there a ring on your finger? If not, there's really no reason to believe he's changed.

My blunt, brutally honest opinion is, you want a man you can trust, and you've described him as weak willed, dishonest and a player, and someone who can't be trusted. Why are you still with him? I would suggest driving a couple of hours for an impromptu visit to see what he's up to, but if you have to do that, then there's already something pretty wrong. I'd sit back and wait to see how long it takes him to call you. That will tell you just how much he's thinking about you and how concerned he is about you and your feelings. I'm suspicious of guys like this because of a man I used to know. He had a girlfriend he claimed to love and she loved and trusted him, but he was just a player. He had an old girlfriend from another state come and visit, and told his current girlfriend not to come around while his old girlfriend was visiting, giving her some lame story about how she still had felings for him even though he didn't reciprocate anymore, and his mom would be there too and his mom would get upset if there were any fights between the two girlfriends so he told her not to come around. Of course it was all malarkey and he jsut wnated 10 days to play and sleep with his old out of state girlfriend without worrying about covering with his new girlfriend. So I've seen with my own eyes what some men are capable of, so I don't put anything past guys like that. The fact that he's not checking in with you is not a good sign.

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