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Dump his *** and tell him to go back to his exgirlfriend if he misses the kink so much.

[B]RESPECT YOURSELF[/B] When you are ready to do something different THEN and only then do you. TO ask us this quesiton you are already telling me that you are not ready. So please dont. You are young and he might try to get you into OTHER stuff if you do as he asks.

Let him go back to what he is use to.

I didnt read your other posts but I dont have to. THe girls on here have made it clear.

Why oh why would you disrepect yourself and your body?!!!!!! NO MAN is worth it! EVER. (of course no woman is worth it either you men out there looking at this)

I have said this before...and I will say it again...What would you tell your daughter if she came to you and said this to you.? I am a mother of 4 and trust my dh and if we want to spice up something we talk about it. I would tell my two girls to dump him and move on. NEver ever stay with someone who is that arogant and abusive!!!!!

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