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I'm very oblivious when guys like me so I need a second opinion. Basically, I'm 24 and a week ago I met this guy who is 28. I work for my father's business and he came over to help my father. Well, he didn't even know of me and had aparently been coming to my dad's for 2-3 months. He started up a conversation about where had I gone to school and all kinds of stuff like that. That was about it. He left for about 3 hours and then came back and started talking to me again...mainly about every day kinds of stuff....asking what kind of music I liked..what my hobbies are..etc. Well, it's been a week of him stopping by every single day and "helping" my dad. Thing is ... he doesn't really do much when he comes by to "Help" but talk to me. He is helping him for free also. He literally follows me everywhere I go. If I go outside then he goes outside...if I go in then he goes in. He is a SUPER NICE person and nice to have a conversation with. So, yesterday he came by again and was there from 10am-6pm ...not doing too much of anything but guessed it...talking to me. I've started really looking forward to seeing him too. So, I was standing in the office saying that i needed to make a trip out to get a few things and he asked to go along. I said yes and he came with me. In the car he was asking if I had a boyfriend... WELL...let me back father had mentioned that he thought he really had a thing for me and that he had a girlfriend and that he was planing on getting married in November. Now sometimes my dad gets info. mixed up but something like this is kind of BIG to get mixed up. If he has a girlfriend then he NEVER talks about her and he must never spend any time with her because he is always over talking to me. So...he was asking about my situation and so on...I never asked him about his because ... well, I don't know why but I didn't. I didn't want to sound too direct. He never volunteered any info either. We ended up talking about some fairly person stuff (but on a casual level) and mainly about past relationships. SO...last night he ended up eating dinner with my family and then watching a movie with me at my parents house (with me only). parents think he likes me but I am confused ... DOES IT SOUND LIKE HE LIKES ME LIKE DATING OR JUST LIKE A FRIEND?? I mean...he's only known me for a week but some of the comments are off... like he saw some of my pictures and was going on about how beautiful I was and he heard me talking to my mom that i wanted to lose about 10 pounds and he said I looked beautiful and didn't need to lose any. He even said that my toes were cute!!!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?????? Should I ask if he has a girlfriend???? I'm going to feel like crap if he does because then I'll sound interested...but he asked me...... What do you all think about all this???? I dont want to be flirting or really start liking a guy who has a girlfriend...that's not fair to her or to me. He just doesn't seem like the kind of person who would cheat's odd ~ Elizabeth
P.S. He also went into the fact that he is now 28 and ready to buy a home and settle down...and have a on. Am I crazy to think he likes me????

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