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[QUOTE=Blueeyes;3055540]Ok everyone, here i begin......... That jail guy does not know my real name, I gave him a fake name........... Also, my aquaintence gave out my number to this jail guy, she told me so that jail guy can have penpals.... I told my aquaintence I was married several times.........Also i am not talking my bipolar medications. I am disabled on medicare and medicaid......... I do have a college degree in Human services yes i do, but since my health problems take over my life I can not work..... I get a disablity check every month........ Also, I am not a negative person, I have a great heart and persoanlity and I am very caring and quite smart, but make poor judgements and have awful impulsivity do to my bipolar disorder....... I do go to church once a month and i do pray everyday......... This is why my fiance loves me, plus we have a lot of the same goals and future outlooks on things and we have several of the same interests and likes and also dislikes........ We are very compatible dont get me wrong...........I think he is controlling of me, so I dont go back to my old lifestyle and get used and robbed from negative people......... With that all said and done, I do go to college at home its an online college and i do read health magazines and books everyday and the newspaper..... im quite intelligent........[/QUOTE]

Why would you lead a life of a lie with this jail guy? Why lie to him about who you are ? That is not very Christain(you brought up that you are religious). I wouldnt want to be someone in jail having a penpal that is a liar.

If you are not on medication for your bipolar maybe you should get some medical attention for that. your boyfriend IMO was trying to help you stay away from people with negative influences. And rightfully so, your friend is no friend weather in person or online for giving out your information. How rude of her to do so. You have repeated that you are 5 years sober and that is great and commendable. But you are still recovering and always will be and you can always relaspse, the purpose is to not relapse and staying away from anyone who can effect that is clearly nessesary.

If you are bi, was your bf afraid that you were cheating on him with another woman? If you are exclusive with your boyfriend only and only want him for your future then you would not anounce that you are bi. Unless he is willing to have threesomes with you and are ok with you being bi, he might be thinking that you are not serious about a one on one commitment. I would have left you as well. Your personality is one way then another way and that is very confusing for anyone. You need to focus on yourself and your health. I have no idea what you disablitiy and why you cant work but your health should come first and your bipolar as well.

good luck

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