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[QUOTE=Laylah;3062851]Hi Jack, I've just singled out these two quotes because they seem contradictory in nature and I'm wondering if you are reading more into this girls possible feelings for you than is actually there? I dont mean to rain on your parade, but as a woman, when I want a man, I let him know about it and I certainly dont take six years to do so!

The man I'm in love with at the moment was my lover within six weeks for the simple reason that we clicked and became extremely friendly very very fast, we had so much in common, and I didnt want to wait around, and I [I]certainly[/I] didnt want to deprive him of my attentions while I knew his single status was something some other woman could come along and reverse at any time! I'm sure the women on here will know where I'm coming from, lol.

I wouldnt advise anybody to interfear in an established relationship, so I'm not going to do so here. But you seem bound and determined to do so, so it really dosent matter what I say anyway. I just have two questions for you on that subject; you talk about how you dont feel she loves him (which you have no way of knowing by the way, as you cant see inside her heart and mind) but you dont seem to have considered whether [I]he[/I] loves [I]her[/I]. Is that a matter of no consequence to you? And if you did manage to poach this girl from her current relationship, how would you feel if another man held your relationship with her in such low regard?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I may be reading more into her feelings than are actually there at the moment. I definitely know she [I]can[/I] like me. I'm attractive, funny, intelligent, not annoying, etc. And like I said, we really are perfect for each other. Call me naive, but I honestly don't see how she couldn't like me, given the opportunity. And I don't know... just the way we look into each other's eyes when we laugh together... there's got to be something there. Even if it's hidden deep down at the moment, I know it's there. But she's hard to read because she's not the flirtatious type at all. She's a very classy girl.

She may even love him. But she's not in love with him (otherwise she probably would've answered differently on the survey). And yes, I have considered whether he loves her or not. I know he certainly likes her. But I know that my feelings for her are far greater than his feelings for her. I've seen him get thoroughly annoyed at her simply because she sent him a text message while he was in the middle of a video game. I've seen one time when he tremendously upset her and he just laughed about it. I wouldn't do that kind of ****. I don't care if she texted me while I was sleeping; I'd be happy to talk to her.

And how would I feel if another man came along and tried to come between her and me? It depends on what the person's intentions were. If he just wanted to sleep with her or wanted a relationship without much meaning, I'd be angry and pretty annoyed. If the person was completely in love with her like I am, I would be understanding of him, but I'll admit, at the same time I would be kind of angry and very defensive. However, I want to give this girl the world and share it with her. I know I can make her the happiest woman on Earth, and I know she can make me the happiest man on Earth.
Oh, I imagine he wouldn't take the news very well at all. In fact, I think it's safe to say he wouldn't like me anymore. Which would make things incredibly awkward as he and my brother are both good friends as well.

I'm hoping what happens is she breaks up with him soon. Then we wait a month or so before we actively start dating so that it might not seem like she broke up with him for me or that I had any hand in breaking them up. That's probably the best possible outcome. Of course, anything could happen.

But even if he does find out and is angry with me, I really don't care. While it is regretful that I would be doing this to a friend, and while I really do value our friendship and I don't want to be a stupid douchebag, I'm completely willing for that to happen if it means I'll be with her. She means too much to me.

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