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[QUOTE=happymom28;3110591]Oh Laylah :( ! I'm sorry! I know this must be tough on you. Take it easy and check back in to let us know how you are doing. {{{hugs}}}[/QUOTE]

Thanks Happymom, I'm dreadful depressed right now. :( To make matters worse, monday of this week the girl I discussed on these boards before, the girl who's addicted to methadone, she went crusing through my bf's workplace stoned out of her head and stopped to talk to him. She had her new bf in tow; he's also a methadone addict and was equally out of his own brains I have no doubt.:rolleyes: She gave my bf a real ego trip I'm sure, going on about how he "ought to call" me, how "down and low" I am etc etc etc. I was so angry with her, the bloody idiot! :mad:

It's not like we're bloody kids in a playground; she had no business sticking her nose into my relationship business like that. I'm VERY annoyed about that for a number of different reasons. Firstly because she was stoned at the time. I know for a fact she was stoned because she saw him monday afternoon and it's monday morning she gets four days worth of methadone from the doctor, so she's always well on by monday afternoon. He "didnt want me associating with her", he told me months ago, (but I refused to cut her out of my life as you know because I wanted to do something to make her life better) so I know damn fine and well he'll have been thinking maybe he's better off out of the relationship if that's the kind of company I'm keeping.

Apparently she told him I'm "in bits" over what's happened. She ranted on that he should call, even her bloody bf, who's NEVER EVEN MET my bf before joined in on the act and started telling him he should call!!!!! Did you ever hear anything like that in your bloody life????? I could just bang their damn heads together!!! It's just so humiliating because he actually assured her he [I]would[/I] call, in order to get rid of her no doubt, (which is obvious because this was on monday afternoon and it's now late friday night) and I am fuming because if this is the end of my relationship I'd like to have been able to exit it with my dignity intact.

Thanks for listening Happymom; I know I'm ranting again! sorry.

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