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Laylah, I will repeat what i said before. PLEASE keep your posts together. It is very confusing to try to keep up. Not everyone knows what happen with his son and sometimes this site is slow and its hard to try to find all of your posts to figure out what you are talking about.

As a matter of what he said. well why are you even trying? I dont get it. trying to be supportive here and he is hurt i am sure . But you truely are the one who told him to go for what ever reason it was at this point it doesnt matter. YOU said go, he chose his son as any parent would . But you didnt even give him a choice, you said go without giving a choice which i dont blame you at all, i'd a kick him out too LOL. So he left and now you are emailing him this venting letter and demanding that he respond. Wow I would have not even emailed to say that I would reread it. Everyone here is so upset with your bf behavoir but you already took care of the situation. You told him to go along with his son that likes to beat him. Why would you even email or call or do anything to keep up communication with this guy when he lets his son beat on him. when will you be next. You got them out without being hit or hurt be thank ful and move on from this. Who cares if he emails you back. You are upset and hurt ok that's understandable....but its not like he dumped you, he has a problem a very serious problem. Letting his kid walk all over him and letting him hit him is like the battered wife syndrome. Dont add to that by demanding he respond to you. He is like a battered wife when he allows the abuser(no matter who that might be) to keep up the abuse and then he feels that he has done wrong. Now he feels he has done wrong for you and he did by letting it continue. BUT just to let you know i grew up with a mom who has battered wife syndrome. It doesnt matter who the person it the syndrome is true and you need to cut your losses and stop emailing him. Maybe send him one more saying you care for him and will pray he gets his son the help he needs and maybe give him some websites from ****** about child parent abuse. Or ****** why is my son abusing me. Things like this might help him. But sending him a venting letter demanding he respond isnt really going to do anything but get you upset and for what? Are you intending on going back with him? I sure hope not, so why keep the drama in your life.

GOod luck with this and please try to realize that this man of yours was and is being abused and he has a serious syndrome.

Prayers to you and hugs for having to go through this.

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