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Hey everyone,
Hope someone can give me some imput.. I have been divorced for 6 yrs now.. My ex has married again.. its been 3 yrs hes been with her.. My kids are 13,16,18... Since my ex has been with the new wife.. He just seems like he doesn't care about my kids anymore..
The new wife does not have kids, doesn't like kids.. and is money hurgry, just wants my ex all to himself...
Ive had the tipical teenage problems with my oldest with drinking etc.. He went through the state of wanting to live with dad.. DAd would say no.. Its your moms responsiblity.. Even when it comes to the chid being in the hospital he doesn't come.. nothing..
He sees the kids twice a month.. in between he doesn't talk to them... The new wife writes me letters telling me never to call over there again.. Which I call like every three months, only if its a serious problems about the kids.. I should say I use to call.. AFter the nasty letter I got last, which the wife handed to my daughter and told my daughter.. give this to your mom and tell her never to call here... now I won't.. My middle son is having major surgery in July.. I won't tell him.. My oldest did... and so did grandmom.. He hasn't even tried to talk to my son or nothing..
It all a mess..
My daughter just had a dance show.. There were only two tickets.. of course she wanted mom and dad to go... dad told her straight out. that its not going to happen.. She cryed so bad to him.. begging for him to come.. he said not unless his wife could come.. my poor daughter broke out in hives all over.. She said can't you do it for me.. He won't... I
I feel so bad for the kids.. In the future their are things that are going to come up where mom and dad should be there.. like graduations etc..
I just don't get it.. He called and told my kids that he wasn't taking them on fathers day.. He just does what he wants.. no communcation with me at all.. So I wake up that SAT... thinking ok.. there going over.. Its a mess.
The new wife asked my daughter why she hated her so much.. my daughter said.. cuase I hate when you talk about my mom all the time. about my mom needs to work.. My daughter started crying.. She said, my mom has a medical problem.. She can't help it. she's trying to get better.. thats why shes going in thehospital all the time.. the wife turned around and said.. your mom is lazy.. all she wants is our money.. Which I don't....
What I want is my kids to have a reationship with their father.. My middle son hasn't talked to his father in two yrs.. The father sends xmas gifts to my other two.. and not my one.. no birthdays nothing.. I just don't know how to handle this anymore.. I want the best for my kids.. I want to do right.. Should I be forcing my kids to see their father and put up with this.. I don't know anymore.. I have talked to the father over and over about this.. I told the father how much the kids are hurting.. I even told him that his one son drew a picture of him and dad.. The picture showed my son pointing something to his head.. with blood all over it... The father said. to me.. Your jumping into conclusions.. I said.. no.. This is a child who is hurting.. big time.. I tired counciling.. The father won't go.. My oldest is bipolar.. I have him in counciling and the father was asked to go by the dr.. and the father won't.. I do not get it at all... How can you hurt your kids so much.. They would be better off if he would just back away all together.. This way I feel like their heads are like ping pong balls..
Has anyone else gone through something like this that may have suggestions for me.. I don't know what to do anymore....
They keep telling me that they hate dad and dad doesn't care about them. and all dad cares about is is new wife
I tell them, dad loves you.. he just needs to think about things.. but I know deep in you fathers heart he loves you...
Any suggestions???
I would love to hear some input from both sides.. one being the father and step mom and the kids view on it....
I would do anything for my kids... even to become friends with the new wife.. (not that it will ever happen).

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