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Ok,so here it goes.Me and my bf have been together since we were almost 17 we are 27 now,our relationship has had some ups and downs just normal relaship stuff.About 6 years ago we broke up once for about 4 months,but other than that everything has been really good.Well one day I made my bf a ******* account about a couple weeks later I logged into his acnt to add some more graphics to it and realized that there were e mails going back and forth between him and this girl several times a day everyday over the past two weeks.But I'm not really the jelous type and I didn't want to invade his privacy so I left it alone and waited to see if he would say somthing about it,but he didn't and my curiousity got the better of me so I started reading the e mails and most of the msg were just friends talking a little bit of flirting here and there,but what bothered me was that she was asking him to go out with her and keept bringing up we should meet somtime,and his response was as you know I am in a relationship but I love to take you out somtime.Well I brought it up to him and his respoonse was were just friends I'm not trying to meet up with her,If I really wanted to go out with her Iw ould have already done it or asked her for her nmbr ect,so he deleted his ******* page that night and I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.about a week later I was googling somthing and I saw that he was trying to ****** her url on ******* to try and talk to her again.At this point I'm like yes we have been together so long and have a 7 yr old son but I'm not gonna put up with this,and find out downt he road that he is calling her or cheating on I check his e mail acnt and he's telling her I'm really glad to hear from you again,it will probally be easier for us to talk thru e mail than on ******* my gf was reading all of our msg.he said she really dosn't like us talking to each other.The girl responds back saying I guess I can't blame her I wou ld jelous to,your gf might be worried I'm gonna take advantage of you,his next email said taking advantage of me sounds like she asked him to go out that weekend and said can I have your nmbr or would it be better for you if I gave you mine,he told her that it would probally be better for her to give him her nmbr,so I go into his phone and change the nmbr to one of my friends cell nmbrs.The next night he said he was going ruinnning with a friend,10 minutes later my friends cell rang and it was him.At this point I can't believe he is calling who he thinks is this girl,he comes home trying to be really nice to me,and I do n't even want to argue I am just so disapointed I can't even talk to him.Then he starts getting very defensive and saying nothing was going on he was just callin her to talk and she wanted him to go out with her and he was letting her know he couldn't go.and I just dont know if I am overeacting and this is my fault for invading his privacy or if what's going on is exactly what I think.So I told him I don't k now If I can be with him,and I don't know if I am going to stay or leave him right now.I have advoiding even talking to him or calling him during the day when he is at work.I honestly don't know if I cou ldn't even be friends with him if I leave him,if I talk to him I feel like Iw ill always be wondering what he is doing is he talking to her again,for me toi deal with this I think maybee after giving it time for me to get over us once I am not hurting like this I will maybee be able to be friends with him,but I don't know when and if that will happen.He says that I am being selfish and he dosn't understand how I could not eventually be friends with him that he would still want to talk to me and be friends with me.I'm trying to be mature about this,I just don't know if I am overreacting to what he did,and I don't want to throw away our relationship but I don't want him to think I'm cool with this either.Just some imput from anyone who has the time to read this long post lol

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