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Just wanted to ask a question?

I met my partner when I was 18 years old, I moved from home pretty much straight away into his house that he has lived in all his life 35 years now - I soon after got his family just walking in my house whenever they wanted without letting me know, they had their own key to the place so I had no choice!! It wasn't just that I was been treated like a child as in his mother would come to my house and say things like 'would you like me to look upstairs for you before I go to check that no-one is there?' and would invite me round to tea and ask if I wanted her to cut my pork up, then would come into my house saying that she would do cleaning and just used to do stuff...I got really sick of it. Whenever she came to my house she talked about people and what was happening in our town the whole girl down street auntie's brother's friends boyfriend was doing ???? and I wouldn't know who the hell she was on about but I never talk about people I hate it and don't like to be around people that do. Also I didn't like the fact that she used to come to my house and talk about the bad things, never positive and I was feeling pretty low as it was going through therapy!

As time went on, I increasingly got fed up of it, very clingy, needy, and in my face type thing my boyfriend was paying for their house but with their names on it 3 way mortgage and he was paying the lot, and when I came into his life we couldnt afford it anymore so we said that they should pay rent which is fair I think they were living rent free in the house!! and I got his mum coming to my house saying that it would be best if his dad crashed the car with them both in it so that we could have their house!! I just couldnt believe it.

However the fact is that I have all my boyfriends family around me, from his parents, to siblings, his auntie and family, and millions of friends, and assosiates it does my head in. I cant walk down street without later on been told by his mum that someone had seen me doing something I feel like I am watched and people who I dont know talk to me also.

I am quite a private person, and dont like talking about others so long as my little family are alright I am not bothered I keep myself, to myself, and am proud that I am someone that I can be trusted.

I wanted to ask,

his parents come here as agreed as it got too much for me to take 3 times a week is that fair or not? I don't like them coming that much but they say that it isnt enough it is doing my head in - to top it all my boyfriend doesnt bother with my family the few times a year that I see them so it gets to me that.

Much apprecitated

Hayley x

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