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What to do next?
Jun 28, 2007
A little different situation compared to the mojority posts here, but here it goes. I'm in my mid 40's, never been married, never really have had a girlfriend. One of the restraunts/bars I've been going to for years for beers is managed by a gal that I've shown some interest in but have never pushed anything with her. She's a couple of years older than me and I'm pretty sure, by talking with one of the bartenders that I'm friends with, that she's never been married and currently has no boyfriend. We'll have an occasional talk, friendly hello, flirtive glances, etc. She knows one of my interests is in watches, I wear $1k-$3k watches all the time and she's talked to me about them as she likes them too. As luck would have it, my neighbor was partners in a now defunct jewelry store and has a boat load of new watches in his house that he's dumping at cost. So my bright idea was to spring a watch on her and let my actions speak for the words I seem to lack when I'm around her. I like to show the level I operate at as a person and was not about to go for some cheap $100 watch and ended up with a fantatic piece that was over $1200 retail, with the sticker still on the box!

Flash forward to last Friday, I was determined to do the deed if she was in, and she was.:eek: I seemed to have an out of body experience as I pulled her outside, told her that I liked her more than I've let on, and gave her the watch. Holy crap, what an intense experience, I was flying on over-drive, wondering if she was going to run away horrified, flat out reject it, or if I was lucky, take it. Luck was with me, there was no hint at all that I was off base and she took it. Things got a little more intense when she saw what it was worth, but she didn't freak out about it, ok, maybe she did a little, but I think I got the point across. A big hug, a brief but intense eye to eye gaze, and she zoomed back in to work while I stood there completely whacked out by what had just went down. Needless to say, I haven't been the same since.:dizzy:

I told her that I'd like to see her (date) in the future, she said sure. But what should I do now? Nothing can follow up that moment in time and I'm somewhat terrified as to how to proceed the next time I run into her.:confused: The only thing that seems to be reasonable right now is to re-live the moment with her by saying something like, "Holy cow girl, what an intense experience, I've never done anything like that before and I haven't been the same since. Hope we can get together soon as I could use some more energy like that." In other words, very briefly re-live the experience with her to enforce how much it meant to me, without going overboard. I do think she's cool with everything, but I'd hate to push it too much and I know it will be somewhat awkward. I do want this to go somewhere so any tips would be great. How do I follow up on such an intense experience?


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