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Bipolar BF
Jul 2, 2007
Hi guys -
Brief history. My boyfriend and i have been dating for 7 months. our relationship started out with lies. he had asked me if i dated this guy we both know. i said NO when actually i did (in the past). i lied to him cuz i know he would get upset and hurt and i lied because i didnt want to tell him, plus it was before we started dating also its embarassing (the other guy is a creep). he found out a month later and it was not good. we fought and fought. whenever we have a fight it goes back to that subject. he says he keeps having thoughts of me being with him, physically but he tries to control himsef. he is a little possesive. he has all the symptoms of a bipolar person. he even mentioned something about it briefly in the past, saying people think im bipolar but i dont think so. last week we got into a huge fight and i hung up the phone on him. i didnt call for 2 days. then i finally did. no answer. i called and called and left voice messages like a crazy person but he just wont respond. we have mutual friends so i know he is ok. but he wont respond to say its over or he needs time or anything. what should i do?

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