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Last night, I got frustrated and sent him a message saying Id like the two of us to move on, because I dont want this to drag on any more than it has to. I told him not to call me back. He didnt.
Now Im I always feel. I want to call him and ask him what the hell has been happening. why he hasnt been calling. Yeah he may have been busy with his examinations and his family friend visiting...but after what has happened, if he wanted things to work, he shouldnt really have excuses for calling me and sorting things out.

AJ - I'm starting to think this goes beyond normal relationship woes.....I'm seeing a pattern, a pattern I've seen before in people who are bi-polar or have BPD, borderline personality disorder. Have you ever been evaulated for either one?
[QUOTE=rosequartz;3104062]interesting.....I wouldn't want to be them. Are you aware that Hugh Grant cheated on Liz Hurley with a transexual prostitute?

AJ - no comment about my observation regarding bi-polar or BPD ?

it doesn't sound like much has changed.......still drama....[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I am aware lol and i wouldnt want to be them either! i dont like liz or hugh. but he just used them as an example.
And yes, no comment about your observation regarding BPD. I had been meaning to respond to your comments elsewhere here on this relationship board- you have posted this to many other people who have posted on this board. it is wrong in my opinion but everyone has a right to their opinion.
do you have a medical degree? are you a doctor? i do not think so. correct me if i am wrong. apparently, two men you once grew close to had mental problems. doesnt mean you are a qualified doctor who is able to make credible observations just because you knew two people.
you read a lot about mental illnesses, i know that. so surely you would know better than to keep posting to people (me and many others) on this board about them or their partners possibly having mental problems.
anyway, i do not want to get involved into a discussion conerning mental illnesses. this isnt the main topic of the thread.

saying that tho, rose, i do appreciate your posts (of a non- mental illness topic) and would like to continue posting if you care to.

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