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Actually, I'm not sure if 'controlling' is the word for the two examples you gave. To me, 'controlling' would be if he tried to control things like when you go out, who you see, what you wear, etc., etc., but something like smoking or getting a tattoo? Those are real issues that can be deal breakers at the beginning of a relationship and now, just because you're a couple, he's suddenly not allowed to voice his opinion on it? There are lots of people who would [b]never[/b] date someone who smoked or had tattoos or piercings, so why should they suddenly [b]have[/b] put up with this change without a comment? Sure, I agree breaking up over it is a bit much, but some people feel strongly about things like that and to them, they are deal breakers. It's not like you're saying he only lets you wear pink shirts or something totally ridiculous like that, then THAT would be controlling.

Bottom line, according to your post, he's told you what he'll do if you get a tat, but it still sounds like it's your choice. Only you can tell if he's the type to stick to such an ultimatum.

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