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Hello and thank you in advance for whomever reads this.

Im a 28yold man and am really bothered by these thoughts that ive been having over the past few weeks. My gf and i have only been together for a little over a month and im already having thoughts about breaking it off. When i first met her , we started chatting on ******* and we didnt stop for like 6 hours and we were really connecting and i was getting all excited about meeting her. Yes i saw a picture and even though im more attracted to thinner women , i thought she was beautiful. dont get me wrong she isnt terribly obese but i would say shes probably about 160-180lbs but i honestly dont know. gosh i feel horrible even writing this post but ive gotta get this out. I keep feeling like even though we get along fine and we never argue about anything that there should be a strong spark that im just not feeling. Ive ran over it in my head and i think that it could be that im really not that attracted to her. Does that sound bad? I know that she likes me alot and in the past couple days ive been thinking about ways to break it off and then ill start to think that if i can get past the weight issue than it can work. i guess im really tired of going in and out of relationships that i really want one to stick ya know. She really is a wonderful person with a big heart but weve only been together for a month and im already thinking about cutting loose because i just dont feel as strongly for her as she probably does for me. Sometimes i seem to respond to her affection half *** just so she doesnt suspect that feel this way. I really dont want to break her heart but i dont know what to do. Some are probably goint to think that im an ahole but im being honest here. Do i really want this to work so i dont hurt her? or do i just want a relationship to work in general because i feel like im getting older? Maybe its all in my head and no matter who i meet , whether im physically/emotionally attracted to them ill always try and find a way out. Let me just say this I do like her but i definitly dont love her, if i even know what the heck that is anymore. I just cant seem to shake the feeling that this just isnt going to work and i need to break it off sooner rather than later.


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