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[QUOTE=Laylah;3085946]Well I dont fully understand any of that 'ratings' termanology cause I'm not American, but I'm getting the impression it all came down to sex. Was it because she wasnt a great lay?

I just found your post really interesting because in it you described what I would have thought any man would have considered a great catch. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Truthfully I honestly dont know. But I've always kind of been that way. Its very rare that I will actually "fall in love." For the most part when it comes to women I dont tend to fixate. I dont see a girl and say " I have to date that one girl, shes the only one for me..." etc etc etc.

And I dont think there is such a thing (for me at least) as a great lay. Its just either you have feelings for the other person or you dont. Its infinitely better (again for me) to be with someone I love. I dont get bored, and tend to grow more attached with time (not less).

But if you dont love her, then there comes a time (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) when you just had enough. Usually thats one or two dates. With her I suppose it was just that she was a great person, and we had a lot in common. But I just never felt that spark. But because of the other stuff I stayed longer than I should of wanting to have those feelings for her because I knew she was a good catch, but it just never happened.

In contrast when I have fallen in love I always knew from the first date that I would. I was with my ex (gf) for ten years for example. When I met her she was sitting with this older guy (turned out to be herr boss) in a pub type place. I must have stared her down something fierce because she stopped to let me know on the way to the bathroom I was lol. We ended up talking for hours, wouldnt give me her number so I gave her mine, then sweated the next several days waiting for her to call. When we did , we set a date, and since she wouldnt let me pick her up (she was always cautious) we met in the parking lot of this restaurant. The thing I recall was walking out of the car, looking at her (she was absolutely stunning) and thinking she was the most beautiful woman Id ever seen. To the point I was actually resigned, just at looking at her, that there was no way I had a chance so to just enjoy the night and the company. And I was never the type to think anyone else was too good for me:)

The point is that even when she put on some weight, got older etc, it never mattered. I didnt have eyes for anyone else, and I could never get enough of her. The girl you asked about, if you asked my friends, probably had a better body, a little younger, and guys would argue about who was prettier. But with oen there was a spark, and the other there wasnt.

It just is

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