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I think at this point its more important to address your anger problem, then it is to focus on getting your boyfriend back. He's going to need to see changes in you anyway, not just hear possibly empty promises.

Realizing that you have a problem is the first step. As soon as you feel yourself boiling up, pause, remove yourself from the situation (leave the room if you're arguring with someone) step outside, get some air. Ask yourself what you're so mad about. Is it worth getting emotional over?

Have you always had a temper problem? I ask b/c sometimes girls start having problems with their emotions suddenly, not knowing why and then later link it to hormones or a birth control pill they just started. If you've always had problems controling your anger then maybe bigger steps need to be taken... like talking to a couselor or a doctor, look into medications.

As for your (ex) boyfriend.... the only thing you can do is apologize, tell him you're aware of your problem and that you're taking the steps to correct it. Tell him you understand how he feels, and that you don't blame him for bailing.. but that you care about him and would really like for him to be a part of your life, even as a friend, and help support you while taking those steps to learn control over your temper.

I think there is an Anger Management thread on this site.... if there is, you may want to check that out for some suggestions.

Good luck to you...

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