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Re: Miserable
Jul 10, 2007
[QUOTE=jimmyeth;3088962]Just today, I started feeling really miserable suddenly, I mean nothing drastic has happened to cause this I dont know why. I turn 19 in august, havent had a girlfriend yet and don't know what I'm going to do in life. I felt ''connected'' to a girl I met online last summer but she lived too far away in the US(im from uk, some of you may remember me posting about this in the past) but it all went wrong in the end as I got depressed over the distance(which I saw a doctor about). Then she eventually found someone thats lived a lot closer. I was devastated when this happened(last November) but after a while I calmed down a bit, but have remained infatuated with her ever since no matter how hard Ive tried to move on. Why would this suddenly start to make me feel depression again today? I know she is on my mind a lot though. Any advice?[/QUOTE]

I don't know how much anyone of us can help you, but you are asking for some advice. So, I agree with the previous poster: if you try to put into practise most of what she is saying, you will feel better. Summing up, I think it's high time you concentrated on yourself. It's all right for you to have a girl-friend, but it may be not so essential at this point of your early life. If I were in your shoes, I would put my education ahead of everything else. If I didn't know what career to follow, I would probably seek the advice from a specialist, maybe do a vocational test or whatever you call it in your country. And I would try to make new friends, of both sexes - I think friends is what you need most these days, not really one girl-friend.

You say you were devastated when the girl over the seas broke up with you. Ok, I understand how you felt and how you might be feeling now, but, if I am right, you didn't even meet her. Couldn't she just be an illusion? Don't get me wrong, but you may be exarcebating that loss. Save your emotions for someone more "real", if you see what I mean. Don't stop living and don't stop planning good things for your future just because of one person. You'll see that the world is much much bigger than one broken relationship. Don't let yourself be broken, too.

Be healthy! Good luck!

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