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I have been married for six months and my husband and I get along great. We have very few arguments and those are always resolved in a calm manner. Our biggest fight occurred about three months ago when my husband confessed that he lied to me about something, and I was incredibly upset. I was not upset about what he told me, but I hate lying more than anything else. I told him in the beginning of our relationship that I could deal with almost anything if he would just be honest with me. (What he was confessing, by the way, was something that I would have NEVER cared about if he had just told me at the time.) He apologised, and has been completely honest with me ever since (to the point that he gives me so many details about his day that it's a little bit annoying!)

Fast forward to about a month ago, and my ex boyfriend drunk calls/texted me at 2 in the morning, professing his love to me and all that. We have been broken up for a few years and every once in awhile he does this. I deleted the messages and never responded. My husband obviously knew about this and didn't really care. Then my ex started e-mailing me, texting me more often, and calling from numbers he doesn't think I know. I haven't responded to any of this and I do not plan to...I am a firm believer that any contact with an ex is bad contact, even if it's just to say don't call me. I have told my husband about all of these and every time he just rolls his eyes, or shakes his head and blows it off. Now my question: is it totally horrible of me to not tell my husband anymore and just delete the messages? He never asks if my ex contacts me, so I just have to say "hey, *** called me again" and have him just shake his head. I feel bad for him and don't think he should have to deal with thinking about it. However, after my whole "lying is terrible" thing, I would feel like a total ***** if I didn't tell him. Thoughts?

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