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Hey everyone,

I bumped into him yesterday. Talked for about 5 mins. I was very tired, it was late. He just doesn't seem interested to me...that was my vibe last night but honestly, a couple of months ago he really did seem interested.

I don't is a crush right? Crushes are good but eventually they fade (I think). Funny, when I speak to him sometimes I get shakey. Does that happen to anyone? Hasn't happened to me in a very long time! :)

I could use some help setting up my DVD player? I had someone that was supposed to help me about 3 mos. ago and he cancelled and I never rescheduled. I am good at doing things myself, my mom says I am like a man, I do it all (and believe me, I am girlie) but I just can't get all the darn plugs on the DVD is confusing to me!

However, not sure if I can pursue this, especially is my vibe was "he's not interested". I'll see. I felt a bit bad when I went home last night. I have to tell you, even though I'm a little older than him, I don't look it. I am small (5'2 and petite). I think I havea cute figure, honestly, I am a size 2 and I have a pretty face too. I don't think I look my age and he wouldn't know what my age is because I've never told him. Althought he mentioned his age to me last week....said he is getting old! Ha!

Why is it the ones you are interested in are never interested in you. Maybe I have to stop being everyone's friend.

Can't invite him in...that's forward and he will then know why I am inviting him in for coffee/drink. He should do the asking, he's the guy. What's wrong you guys? :) (only kidding).

Hi T

Not sure what my next move will be. I am still not sure (I repeated my post below) if he really is interested. Maybe he was just being nice. I kind of hope he is interested, but if he isn't that's ok too. He doesn't want a relationship...he made it clear.

I don't have a next move? The same as usual. Maybe, just maybe, if I cook something I'll bring him something cuz he doesn't cook.

{Repeated this below for those that haven't been updated on my update}

I didn't have to go to him, he rang me!

Yes......UPDATE!!!!! My crush rang my bell last night. Yep. He caught me by surprise. He said.....checking on you, are you ok (cuz of the family illness, etc.) I had about 2 glasses of wine in me, and was contemplating knocking on his door, to ask the favor...but I didn't have to and I was surprised! We talked for a bit and then I said, you want to come in, and he did. I asked him he I could get him something but told him...I was drinking wine would you like some? I didn't have beer, don't keep it because I don't drink it. He didn't want anything, not even water! He sat with me for 30 mins. we talked about a lot of things......relationships, etc. He said he will never get married he can't do the relationship thing.....he said he lived with girls one who lied about everything. He told me about his family. He asked me if I dated a lot. I said no...I told him I had been was engaged, but couldn't stand all the fighting and would have ended up divorced. He said you're happier by yourself now right? I said not really, I don't miss the fighting and arguing but it isn't great being alone either. I told him he seemed like a very nice guy would meet someone and then he would know it is right and wouldn't have to be miserable. He said he can't do the relationship thing...can't take 3 days good 4 days bad, 5 days bad 2 days good. Can't take the roller coaster. I told him that if he met the right person, she would understand it all. He asked me if I fought! I said...I hate to fight. He told me he was easygoing and he told me that he really is a nice guy. He agian told me about how women ask him out...and say very forward things. I could never be that way and I think he got annoyed by woman being so forward, that was the sense I got. What else......told me that dating is 5th on his list and he is always upfront about things. He works, gym, sports, out with friends once a week. I asked him if he dated... (figured he asked me so what the heck) he said once in a while, movie, drink, etc. but not really looking for a serious thing, can't do it. He asked me about kids????? He said don't you want kids? I said I don't really focus on it too much, it isn't my be all or end all. He laughed. He said he is set in his ways, and probably couldn't handle kids either.

Ok start reading into it for me. I'm thinking, forget it. 2 different pages totally. But we did get along and the conversation was ok but I am wondering why he looked for me....bored maybe?

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