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well i was 19 and i met my first boyfriend over the internet. we dated for nearly 7 months until he started dating someone else. i found out from his best friend at a party. i was devestated. took me over a year to get over him. we broke up just before my 20th birthday. i lost my virginity to him. i cired and cried but because i was so young i stayed in contact with him which made the pain hurt even more, but that was my own fault. 2 years later i found out he was older than what he was. he was 27 when i met him, not 24. hes now 30 and im 22. im now going out with his best friend( i know sounds strange). me and the ex still talk and things are smooth sailing although we only meet up when my boyfriend invites me out with the boys. we went out for dinner last weekend and we all shared a seafood platter. conversation was great. my boyfriend and i are really happy. we have been going out for nearly a year and a half now and have booked our second trip interstate. im not sure if the ex is jealous, he has shown signs of jealousy but he just has to get over it, after all he dumped me for another women. a year and a half ago, he slept with my friend so he is an ahole but i never mention anything as i now walk around with my head up high and never mention anything of the past and just smile lol.

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