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im sitting downstairs in my living room and im sleeping down here tonight with the tv on...ok im going mad!

anyway im 21 and i met my girlfriend of 17 last august and we fell in love pretty fast, she especially with me (i think).

now i work, and at that time she was at her final year in school. i had a few sex issues but we sorted them out and we even began a scrap book together to mark major events in our relationship (completely her idea).

I went away for two weeks at christmas and she said she cried every day because she missed me and i got loads of texts until a few months ago saying 'i never want you to leave me etc etc etc'

now i have ocd and it got bad after new year which i think may have affected things. anyway we went through a phase in feb of having lots and lots of sex until one day it stopped - 6 weeks later she's telling shes worried about her body...

we finally had sex again but never as often (and she was very sexually excitable to begin with).

also at this point she was wanting to be with me every single day and it began to affect my work badly, so i eased it off (i do work alot) and saw her every other day which i guess she found tough, but i thought we had sorted it out.

she got straight into uni at the first choice which is just half an hour away and she will be living there and i was a bit funny about it but i think i gave a good impression.

well until a few weeks ago she started seeing more of her friends and texting me less and i had an incline something was up but she said nothing was...

i went on holiday last week and she is away just now, so we were about to be apart for two weeks when she takes me by the hand and says our relationship has lost its spark...i'm not sure if i want to be tied down...i need these two weeks for space...i still love you and we both cried.

but after it i said i understood and went away on hol shocked.

now ok i have texted her alot saying am i going to lose you, do you want tobreak up with me and she keeps saying i dont know lets talk when im back.

now im so sad about this and ive told her that in texts but she just doesn't seem to care...'we'll take when im back!'

this is so not her...she was very in love with me and we both said we needed each other a few months ago...

im not going to text her anymore, but i have had my worst day today.

i am preparing to lose her, but ive sent her a letter with my thoughts because i know uni is a big change and she wants to have fun without me nagging at her, which i uwud not do.

she is going to read before she sees me on sat...

i just love her so much and im a bloke, but ive been in tears. i want to be part of her new life away, but im not sure if shes wants me anymore.

im just so confused...


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