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[QUOTE=Grand Duke;3094142]Hi

This girl I work with and i have made our feelings known to each other. She said she wants a relationship with me, and so do i, im just waiting for the right romantic time to ask her formally. Anyway, the other day, she emailed me nude photos of herself, which totally surprised me. I asked her why she did this and she said "It makes me feel sexy".

She is a very nice and sophisticated person, but i wasnt really impressed with what she did, it just seems like a trashy thing to do. What do you guys think?[/QUOTE]

Just a little confusing, how did you make your feeling known for eachother, in words, in gestures, were there sexual overtones? What kind of relationship do she want? Have you dated? Have you kissed, had sex? Dating and relationship is totally different, shouldn't you date first? What will you be asking her formally, for a date or bam!! be my girlfriend? As a woman, I would think that I would only send pictures (which I would never do!) of my great body to sexually entice a guy, but I would rather show a guy in person when the time comes, why show the goodies, takes the anticipation out of everthing!!!

Just curious, what did you think of her the nude? You seem a little turned off.....I guess everyone is entitled to a mistake, but this one is embarassing.....I wonder if she's lost other guys because of her exposure!!!!

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