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The funny thing is her mom calls me her "favorite child" and my gf always says that her mom loves me very much, as well as the rest of her family. We have never had problems between her mom and I that I am aware of. I think she is just afraid of "losing" her oldest daughter.

I am studying mechanical engineering and she is studying animal and poultry science. After college she actually wants to look into a genetic counseling masters at a college very close to both of our homes, and I plan on getting a job locally to be with her hopefully.

She treats me very well in our relationship and I can't say anything bad about her really. I can get jealous sometimes when she is around other guys, but we have discussed the issue and i have gotten a lot better according to both of us.

I live in an apartment and she has a townhome for the next year. Last year she had a dorm room, but stayed everynight with me in my apartment, we lived together basically and she used her room during breaks in her schedule to relax. Her mom and dad are still together also.

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