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started dating when we were 16 and stayed together for 5 1/2 years but immaturity and being jealous got the best of us.

the straw that broke the camels back was when she got ticked off that i was talking to my best friends gf on msn. i was already in a bad mood that day so i snapped and helped her pack all her stuff to live with someone else.

about 6 weeks went by and we talked a little bit in that time. we then spent a weekend at a friends house alone (house sitting) and we both had an awesome time. i left town for a week working and the day before i came home i get a text saying she isnt sure what she wants.

a month or more went by and she began texting me again. then one night i was on a date and the ex texts me asking what im up to. i just tell her im out with a friend. she says "oh ya, thats why i just saw you kiss some *****?" :angel: then the truck she is in boots past us.

a month or more passes and we meet for coffee. she tells me how she doesnt like being with her new boyfriend because he is moving too fast. we talk about good times we had and when i drop her off, she turns her body towards me (still in my truck) and just looks at me for a few seconds then has a sad look on her face.

i had a gut feeling she was waiting for me to kiss her but i wasnt sure what i wanted so i held back but i was dying holding myself back. she kisses my cheek and gives me a good hug for 10+ seconds and i had to pull away because i was starting to lose it. her eyes were watering and very close to crying when she said she loves me. i couldnt help but say it back.

i lost my cell phone shortly after which was the only way to talk to her without her boyfriend knowing and she wont call here because of problems between her and my mom. i was too busy with work and working on my house so i could move in and finally be on my own so now we have grown farther apart.

then last week i was in a store when i heard her call my name but i chose to ignore her. she walked over to me quite angry asking why i was ignoring her but i just said i didnt hear her. she tries talking to me but i give short replies and she gets the point and leaves. i go to leave and i see her at the bus stop and its raining so i feel obligated to give her a ride because she only had a t shirt on. gives me her number again because i "lost" it and tells me to call her and states when she is off work early which is 5-6 hours before her boyfriend gets off work....

so, she is with the same guy she was with when she saw me kiss the other girl. he moved in with her at her grandparents house a couple months after they started dating. she got pregnant in march and they now have a house together. every time we broke up before she would run to another guy for a rebound or something until i wanted her to come back. i have a feeling that the same thing happened this time because they started dating the same week she saw me kiss the other girl.

she claims she is pregnant because she stopped taking her birth control that weekend we spent together because we were all caught up in the moment which i kinda believe. every time i see her she says nothing but negative things about her bf and i always say that i just want her to be happy.


we both obviously have feelings for each other and i think she was hinting for me to get back with her but i never made a move although i really wanted to. from what she tells me, buddy is very immature, controlling, and has been moving way too fast. i dont understand why she tells me these things...unless she is hinting that she really isnt happy with him?

we were saving up $$$ to buy a house and had planned on her getting pregnant this year which she has wanted for a few years. im just wondering if maybe she wanted a house and baby so bad that she just settled for the first guy that would give those things to her....

should i just straight up ask her what the deal is between us, make a move and see what happens (although im highly against cheating so it would be hard for me to make her cheat on him...hard to explain), just be friends, or stop talking to her all together?

very complicated and i have no clue what to do...

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