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[QUOTE=happymom28;3109538]I'm sorry, but from everything you say about your boyfriend he doesn't treat you well at all! People have arguments and people get angry, that is inevitable. However, the way your boyfriend talks to you is down right disrespectful and rude!

Your boyfriend needs to figure out what it is that is really bothering him and deal with it. He has no right to blame you for all of his troubles. He is a grown man. If he doesn't like something he should find a way to fix it rather than making you feel like that. If he talks to you like this with your parents around I can't imagine how he will talk to you if you get an apartment together!

You need to nip this in the bud now. He needs to get his anger and nastiness in check or you need to end it. No decent man talks to his wife/girlfriend that way and you shouldn't stand for it. There are nicer ways to say things to people and he is just making excuses for his behavior. This will wear down your self esteem over time if you allow this to keep happening. It doesn't matter how much you love someone. If they don't treat you with the love and respect you deserve then you shouldn't be with them.

Also, if you do decide to work on things and he does make every effort to work on his anger I suggest that you don't see eachother as often. Your parents are right that it is not always healthy. You guys need a chance to do things on your own with friends and family. You can't forget who you are just because you are with someone. This in itself may help some of the problems the two of you are having.[/QUOTE]

All I am going to say is the advice above is great advice and so VERYYYYYYYYYY VERRRRRRRRRRRRY TRUE! I remember many arguments that he always had to do the "name calling" and lowering my self esteem, only he was deep down making me feel like I was all those bad things. He was the one hanging out at the bars until 2:00-3:00 in the morning and some nights not coming home until the next day, but it always got turned around or I was to just "get over it" and act like nothing happened. In the end of the relationship he did better about not coming home and staying out late, but he still calls names and I just hated that. I feel so lonely inside because he destroyed my "self esteem" (what is that?????). I have none!!!!!!!! But i have enough to keep me going still and I hope he doesn't steal that last bit I do have! I am now getting on meds to "help" me. I hope it works.
Get out now! Arguing all the time is no fun and yes lowers your self esteem:(

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