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[QUOTE=soulster;3118814]Is this the same guy who you had doubts might have been cheating on you because of the email incident he tried to cover up? I think you have a lot of reservations about this guy that you have not fully cleared for yourself to give you the green light to go ahead with the move. I dont know if you ever came to a conclusion about what happened with the email incident or had just decided to let it slide... but definately I dont believe moving will be the best for you right now as there seem to many more important things at home for you... your family, career... etc... if he truly cares about you he will wait, not indefinately, but give you the time you need to be able to be certain about your decision.[/QUOTE]

Soulster, You are so correct! This the same OP who had her suspicions about her guy still being friends with his ex.

I agree with Sera and from reading your posts that you have your doubts about moving which I don't blame you at all. You are close to your family and have dinner every Sunday, etc and you should continue that loving close relationship that you have with them because there is no place like home. Besides if I remember correctly, your boyfriend was hiding an e-mail from you that his ex girl sent to your e-mail address and now he has the nerve to pressure you to leave your family to be with him. I don't think so! You are right..... suppose you move there and things don't work out! I guess you could aways move back home..but if you already having nagging doubts about this move...why bother!

Of course this is your decision, but I think you know what you need to do.

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