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Right well i just found out that i need to be more spontaniouse in bed and in gen and take control... ive been with my girlfriend for a few months and everything is great till tonight:( so how do i go about being spontaniouse without being pushy ?

I found out from my girlfriend, we have consumated the relationship but she want me to lead and basically take control which i'm not good at.

thanks for the quick reply midnightblu22
oh gosh, i need mre info! i jus thnk that you seem to be worried about treading on her toes or not wanting to make her feel bad but surely if your together and feel comfortable enough to do it in the 1st place you shouldnt have to worry what she thinks of you! but i am a girl and know how difficult they can be:-s was your first time with this girl that you are with now?
Na we have both had partners before.. she wants to try new positions and diff foreplay and she wants me to lead but i dont like to cause she had a bad experience with her last boyfriend and i dont want to scare her or make her feel unconfi so i have left her take the lead and make sure she is ok with anything.
Well...You just got your green light. It has been my experience that: 1) I have to be the one to "test the limits" before [I]she[/I] says anything. 2) She will tell you when you've gone too far, but she won't kick you out of bed for it. Have fun.
mmm bones i wouldnt say you got a green light. jus cos your girl want s you to try new things it dont mean y ou can take it as far as you can and jus rely on HER to tell you if youve cossed the line.she will expect YOU to know where that boundary is and if you dont, it could open up a whole new can of worms and you dont want that. girls can be really sensitive about these types of things and if youre saying shes had a bad experience in the past then she will most likely have issues around it. its really good of you to be concerned about her and i think she would value that much more than whether youre an adonis in the bedroom TRUST me on this. if i was you i would tell her that you are really worried for her and do not want to cross any lines and feel that she may be in a vulnerable state after what happened with her ex and that you do not what to hurt her or remind her of any bad experience and tell her this is causing you so much worry that its affecting your ability to take on this dominant role she wants. she should be so touched and happy that you care about her so much youll probably end up both doing it together and this dominant side will come more naturally as you will feel more in tune and comfortable with each other
Ok well thanks for your help i feel a bit better now..hopefully it will go well. thanks again :)
your welcome. thers no answers that i could give you as in exactly what to do cos your not a robot and having sex is about emotions and if 1 of you is not totaaly open about how you feel or is afraid of hurting someone/stepping on eggshells it it will ruin it one way or another.just be honest, its the best thing you can do. good luck!

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