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Ill start with a little background info. If anyone recognizes my name, I have posted many times about my current relationship and my boyfriends behaviours that bother me. Many of you have told me to drop him and run as fast as I can! Well we'll go back about a year ago, to when I droke up with my boyfriend of four and a half years. We had been together since we were both 15 years old, grew up together and were the best of friends. I broke things off because I wanted to experience dating and to explore..because I kinda of thought my life was all layed out for me with this guy because WE WERE sooo good together. We talked about marriage and children all the time and living together for a year before the split. I never thought I could love someone so much and when I broke it off with him, it was the biggest mistake of my life.
About three months after the breakup, I met the guy Im with now and pretty much threw myself into the relationship right away. I think it was because I was scared of being alone and was feeling lonely. Anyways the relationship with this "new" guy hasnt been so great throughout and we have gone through many battles already and its only been ten months. I have threatened to leave him on many occasions and he has hurt me many times also.
Now about a week ago, my Ex of four and a half year contacted me after about four months of none. I thought he had hated me and had cryed to my mother many nights and wished he would talk to me. I felt horrible about breaking up with him and felt like the worst person on the planet. I decided to call him and when I spoke with him on the phone it was just like old times, all laughs and we were SOO confortable with each other, almost back to being friends. What I am struggling with now where to go from here.
When I started dating this new guy, he made me stop talking to my Ex because he didnt want us to continue any type of relationship! SO I did, for the sake of us...and I didnt understand at first that it was all because of insecurity and jealously. I know that if he knew I have been speaking to him, he would GO OFF THE WALL!...
SO do I come clean and tell him I NEED to start talking and rekindle a friendship with my Ex, not because I want to get back with him. Just because we knew eahc other for so long and our friendship means the world to me! And I think this is the last chance my Ex will give to me, If I blow him off again, I believe in my heart he will drop me for good.
Or do I do this on my own and continue speaking and writting to him and figure it out on my own, quietly?!?
I am only scared of hurting my current guy, even though he can be a total *******..I would hate to hurt him and go behind his back when I know this would kill him.
What do I DO??? Thanks everyone!
[QUOTE=tarheel247;3119977 but it sound like you still have feelings for your ex. not just as "friends". if you current relationship is not solid..i wouldn't dare start talking to the ex. unless you are ending it with the current bf. i can see where the currect bf is coming from. i don't think his request for no contact with the ex is unreasonable. anyway you need to decide what is more important...the relationship with your current bf or the one with the ex? and do you want to see where the relationship with the ex can go? good luck.[/QUOTE]

I totally agree 100%. Why create more problems in your current relationship by talking with your EX???? Wouldn't it just be wise to leave your current boyfriend alone, especially since you are still day dreaming about your ex for whom you ended a relationship over nothing.

Talking to your ex on the sneak tip isn't good and telling your current boyfriend about it isn't going to work. I doubt if he accepts you talking to your ex. So if you want to pursue any friendship/relationship with your need to leave your current boyfriend alone because this is only going to add fuel to the fire.

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